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When it comes to Miami Beach, as most come to realize; it can be expensive. That doesn’t mean your web development has to be. Our company specializes in multiple technologies for our clients. We cut our teeth in developing SaaS based platforms. These can be from php based platforms like Laravel, to other Python based platforms like Django. 

Miami Beach has become the home of visionary tech talent! With its unique combination of Latin American culture and modern appeal, this beach paradise has become the perfect destination for the creative minds of Silicon Valley. Enjoy year round sunshine and enjoy a unique collaboration between tech and art. Miami Beach is the new place to be for the cutting-edge in technology and innovation!

When it comes to developing your project, not only do you want a web or software development company or team you can trust, you honestly want one that you know will deliver, that will also be there when you need it. 

Our company has built multiple platforms. We have over 50 developers in various technologies. We develop software internally, launching our own products, and we also help our clients build out their custom applications as well. Whether it is doing a wire frame for the development, building the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), doing the UX Design, or even doing something more simple like a logo design. 

If you need Mobile or Web Design or Development, we can help!

  • First story board the website idea.
  • Create a flow of the users through the website or mobile app.
  • Understand the unique proposition for the software.
  • After we develop out a confident project.
  • Then we can go into the Branding and Design.
  • Design Logos that identify with the user base and story.
  • Create web page designs that match the branding.
  • Create all paths for the mobile apps and web site for the user journeys.
  • Build out the HTML and website front end.
  • Build out the development backend.
  • Create APIs if needed to communicate with mobile apps.
  • Build out the mobile app in iOS, Android, or Cross Platform.
  • The backend would allow analysis of the data, and to monetize the project. 

Why Miami Beach is Great for Mobile Apps & Web Development

Fun fact, did you know that the richest zip code in Florida is 33109 which is part of Miami Beach? That’s Fisher Island. Being someone that was raised in Miami I always thought it was Star Island. Fisher Island is actually the 5th wealthiest zip code in the US.

Miami Beach is far more than just beach, clubs, and food. Over the past 5 years is started to boom as one of the leading places in crypto currency. As a community, it has a very tight- knit group of retirees and entrepreneurs.

In the past three years, people from California started flocking to Miami Beach to run their startups and build real technology companies. Advance technologies like blockchain has been being utilized in South Beach since the first Bitcoin Miami conference. Even other new technologies around the Metaverse, Augmented Reality, and more have been growing in the Miami scene. 

We build out web applications and mobile apps more affordable than others, but we also focus on taking on projects we believe in that we know can actually scale. 

If you are launching a technology specifically for South Beach you can focus building mobile apps or websites on the hotels, entertainment, events, and other things that cater towards tourism. 

If you have any questions about building a website, mobile app, or need help creating the full design of an idea, we are available. With a team of over 50 people, we can help you launch your idea and make it a reality. 


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Miami Web Designs
Miami Web Designs

We specialize in developing amazing digital technology solutions. With over 50+ people in the team, we offer solutions that work.


6815 Biscayne Blvd
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540 NW University Blvd, 
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Astra Towersm ASO 607, Action Area IIC, Newtown, West Bengal 700156 India

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