Smart Way to Home – Florida Real Estate Logo & Branding Ideas

Smart-Way-to-Home Logo Branding - Florida Real Estate Companya

First Logo Option

This was the first design idea. The arrows were incorporated to show a "way". We were not too excited by it, and wanted to create other revisions. The color scheme can be changed as per the clients request.

Smart-Way-to-Home_2 Logo Branding Idea Florida Real Estate Company

Second Logo Option

This was our second idea. This one is showing an arrow, highlighting the "way". The colors the client asked for are more showing here. The icon is pretty recognizable as the branding goes, but we still wanted some ideas.

Smart-Way-to-Home_3rd option - Real Estate Logo Branding West Palm

Third Logo Option

This is another option. This has the client's proper chosen colors. They are based in the US, they are also based in West Palm Beach, where the previous President Donald Trump is based, so choosing Red, White, and Blue, makes sense for the patriotism people have in the area.

Smart-Way-to-Home_4th version Real Estate South FLorida Logo Branding Company

Fourth Logo Option

This was the fourth option. These logos were created within 24 hours. This one I like. The sun rising or setting on the house. It is showing residential housing which is what this real estate company focuses on. Florida being the Sunshine state, makes it a good element to incorporate into the branding and logo.

Smart-Way-to-Home_5th version real estate company in West Palm - Logo and Branding

Fifth Logo Option

This was our fifth version. I like this design because it incorporates the Brain (Smart) and the word "Smart" in the House, which is what a real estate company does. The colors can be changed to dial in the branding elements, but this logo is a pretty creative way if your ideal customers are looking for smart real estate solutions. Its also a logo that I think most people will remember compared to the first couple.